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Beau :з


Beau :з


This is the funniest thing ever

This game goes so hard my computer started making the DVD tray go in and out while displaying Sieg Heil on my monitor.
  31 Hours on Wolfenstein: The New Order (via qualitysteamreviews)
Confirmed dinosaurs had mental retardation after I watched Carno chase his tail for 30 minutes.
  4 Hours on The Stomping Land (via qualitysteamreviews)
You’ll decide to play for an hour and you’ll realize four days later that your wife left you, but you’re so close to killing that scumbag Gandhi that it doesn’t even matter.
  50 Hours on Civilization V (via qualitysteamreviews)
One time I threw a rock expecting pirates to come over to it. Then a cougar killed em all.
  7 Hours on Far Cry 3 (via qualitysteamreviews)

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"what’s your favourite food?"